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The InMerc Group recognizes the ever changing nature of global markets. Being pro-active and ambitious helps the group stay abreast of the market developments that its business domain operates in. Dedication, integrity, enthusiasm and ambitions are works that define the InMerc Group’s core philosophy. The adaptability of its businesses has drawn a unique composition of people whose values are aligned with those of the company.

With our core philosophy in mind we are diversified with a range of companies whose activities include public & private equity investment, venture capital, real estate, energy, commodities trading, and strategic advisory. We invest through different subsidiaries globally targeting different markets and verticals.


A central management team oversees high level decision making at InMerc Group while also empowering our highly experienced team in various subsidiaries. Each of our team heads combines specific experience with proven ability to further develop InMerc’ s global position. Our management remains keenly aware of both near and long-term considerations by attempting to address potential challenges before they even emerge.





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Careers at InMerc Group

From time to time we post opportunities available directly with us or our group companies. Please check back at a later time. However if you feel you are able to add value to our team please get in touch by sending your resume/CV to and we will get back to you if it is what we require.

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